September 26th 2014, California- It’s official! Bingo Consulting LLC has publicly announced its name change. The company will now operate under the name ‘Cebod Technologies LLC’. This change is effective immediately. The name change is part of their re-branding initiative to align the company’s name with its future strategy and umbrella businesses.

The official representative of Cebod Technologies LLC had this to share, “We are very excited about renaming our company. We believe the new name gives the company its own distinct identity and also allows us a bigger margin to include more unique and innovative subsidiary telephony businesses under our umbrella.”

He further explained that, “In addition to this, we believe that our new name Cebod Technologies LLC serves as a better representation of our business and future business expansion strategies. It eliminates the confusion between the company name and our subsidiary businesses. According to our analysis previously, there was a lot of confusion about our former company name Bingo Consulting LLC and our subsidiary businesses. The word ‘Bingo’ singled out the representation of our other brands and largely had more brand association with our Bingo Telecom subsidiary.”

To clear the confusion and launch a wide variety of subsidiaries by different brand names, the company considers changing the name from Bingo Consulting LLC to Cebod Technologies LLC a valuable strategy.

Cebod Technologies is based in Irvine California and currently has three subsidiaries offering cutting-edge and next generation diverse range of telephony solutions under its name. These include Bingo Telecom, vRingIT, DIDForSale and CebodTelecom

“With Cebod Technologies our philosophy is to diversify and tap new business opportunities in the telecom sector. Each of the three subsidiaries that we own at the moment offers new and unique voice solutions,” said Cebod Technologies’ official representative.

Bingo Telecom offers calling card and pin-less phone cards making it easy for consumers to save up to 90% on international calls. vRingIT provides a powerful broadcasting platform that simplifies automated text and voice broadcast for businesses of all sizes. And DidforSale, is focused on providing wholesale SIP trunking and VoIP services to businesses. It allows them to have virtual phone lines reduce billing and cost of acquiring TDM equipment associated with legacy telephony systems. Continuing with their legacy of introducing new brands, delivering unique and quality services, they are now all set to launch a new subsidiary brand by the name Cebod Telecom offering cloud based PBX phone systems.

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Cebod Technologies LLC formerly known as Bingo Consulting LLC is based in Irvine, California. The company is dedicated to providing next generation telephony solutions to businesses and individuals through different subsidiaries. Currently it has three subsidiary businesses- vRingIT, BingoTelecom and DidforSale.

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