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DIDforSale is market leader in

Wholesale SIP Trunking & VoIP services

Provides high quality SIP Trunk & VoIP DIDs in

11,000+ Rate Centers. All over US, UK and Canada

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Cebod Telecom offers Cloud Based Hosted PBX service.

A Phone system designed & packaged with 30+ premium features.

Slash you business phone bills with more than 80%

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vRingIT (we ring it) a powerful Broadcasting platform

Simplified, automated text and voice broadcasts for businesses of any size.

Automated phone system gives the edge to businesses as compared to their competitors.

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Bingo Telecom offers Calling Card service to end users.

Make low cost International/Long distance phone calls

Phone cards help save up-to 90% on international calls as compared to local phone companies.

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Cebod Technologies offers a wide range of services to Businesses & Consumers.


DIDforSale offers local phone numbers from all over USA, UK and Canada. These numbers are mainly utilized by businesses to establish global presence without investing a fortune. Local Phone Numbers can be added on the fly and forwarded to any phone number or PBX.

Cebod Telecom

A Business Phone Service designed for medium to large businesses. Cebod Telecom leverages VoIP technology and provides features like Auto Attendant, Multi level IVR, Call forwarding, Call routing, Call waiting, Shared line, Ring Groups and many more.


Businesses are now moving towards using SMS service and Voice Messaging service to broadcast sales, promotion and any form advertisement. vRingIT provides platform for businesses to promote their product/service with SMS broadcasting and Voice broadcasting.

Bingo Telecom

Bingo Telecom is prepaid calling card service for anybody who needs to make international phone call from USA. You can call anywhere in the world using pinless calling card service at the lowest rates and supreme quality.